Lisabeth Pleated Valance
               Pattern $29.95
Valance is 37" wide and can be altered for wider widths. 
                    (Smaller than 36" wide isn't recommended.)
Valance is 14" long at the short point and 21" long at the long point, but can be                               adjusted to any length.
Width adjustments can be made by adding sections to the valance or by adjusting                           the width of the flat spans on the valance.
Valance has optional corded or trimmed bottom edge.
Pattern fits 3 1/2" returns, but can be adjusted to fit any return size.
Pattern can be railroaded if fabric pattern allows.
Valance is contrast lined and board mounted.
Buttons and trim are optional. 
Valance forms cascades at each pleat, creating a soft undulating hemline.

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