Mix-n-Match 3 Valance
Pattern $29.95

Valance is 28" wide as shown

Valance can be altered to fit any width over 12" (smaller widths will use only one body and 2 horns)

Valance hangs from rings on a pole

Valance as shown is 16" long and can be altered from 11" to 20" depth, as measured from bottom of pole to valance long point

4 valance body styles are included

Horns & returns may be cut from face fabric or from contrast fabric

There is an 3 ½" to 4 ½" gap between bottom of medallion/pole to top of valance body.

Valance can be altered for length and width

Valance has micro-cording along the lower edge, but other trims can also be used

Two types of returns are included--flat return and a small cascade return

Returns can be altered and are self-lined

Each valance section increases the valance width by 14"

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