Pagoda Valance
      Pattern $29.95
          Valance is board mounted
          Over-valance can be used alone or with a gathered skirt. 
          Over-valance is 14"-16" long or 16"-18" long (2 sizes)
          With underskirt the valance is 18"or 20" long (2 sizes).
          Length is adjustable.
          Pattern fits 36" wide window without alterations
          Valance extends 3" past each board end to form the pagoda shape
          Valance can fit windows from 36" board width to 72" board width
          Valance will have a seam for board widths over 47" unless fabric is railroaded
          Pattern is made for 3 ½" returns, but can be adjusted for other sizes
          Upper valance is self-lined due to edges of valance being visible

Alternative looks:
      Valance can be used without underskirt.

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